A Word About Auntie Karen’s Medicine Chest

"At last we have an alternative to chemically based pills, lotions and salves that help us feel better without helping us get better! Last winter, after flying back from the Mainland, I contracted a horrible bronchial infection. Auntie Karen brought over “Quantum Zing”, one of her plant-based, cures for what ailed me. She instructed me to take this powerful great-tasting liquid four times a day. I did and it alleviated this monster flu-like congestion in just a few days. I honestly felt better almost immediately. Without hesitation, I would recommend her products. Not only are they purely plant based, but Auntie Karen, who lives in Kauai, grows some of the plants herself and creates the healing formulas. She is honest, intelligent, and devoted to changing the world for the better, a true visionary."

Elaine Valois
Professor Emerita
Certified in Psycho-Physical Re-Education

"I have lost my hair on and off for almost 40 years. My scalp is very sensitive to the chemicals in most shampoos. I also live in an area with very hard water, and it is hard to get my hair really clean. I tried Auntie Karen's shampoo and am totally hooked. It cleans my hair so well and leaves it so very soft and manageable, and I love the “clean squeak”. Most of all, I have had no bad reactions such as the itching, flaking and small bumps that I get from commercial shampoos, and I only have to use a very small amount so it is also very economical! Mahalo Auntie Karen -- I love the organic natural shampoo!"

April Marshall
SETC Professional Theatre Services Director
Greensboro, NC

"Aloha, I came down with a severe summer cold with flu-like symptoms, and none of my usual remedies were working. Then I tried Auntie Karen's Decongestant Tea, and within 2 days my cough was fading and the mucous went away. I could definitely feel how soothing it was to my lungs as well. I recommend this tea to anyone with a bronchial weakness the moment they feel a cold or flu coming on, and drink it throughout the course of the ailment."

Mahalo, Chris Bryan
Book-keeper, Mom, Grandma

"I had some cold/flu thing that was not going away. Then my wife brought me home some Quantum Zing from Karen and it cleared up quickly. Now I use it as an alternative to antibiotics or whenever I feel most anything coming on--even stomach issues. I highly recommend it."

Patrick Stack
Author, Arbitrator, County Commissioner

"I began using the natural health tonic Quantum Zing in 2011, after contracting a nasty cold at college. I have tried many other medicines to combat colds in the past, but nothing worked nearly as well as Quantum Zing. It is now my go to remedy for preventing colds."

Christopher Marsh

Certified Bicycle Mechanic

"There is honestly nothing more effective than Quantum Zing. Anytime I am feeling the slightest bit sick, a few rounds of Quantum Zing kicks whatever i had out the window! It is the closest thing that I have found to a miracle worker against any kind of sickness."

Sierra Phillips

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