About Auntie

What is Auntie Karen’s Medicine Chest?

Auntie's Medicine Chest is put together with the intent of having pretty much everything you require to take care of every day health needs and/or ailments in the Chest. It is replete with remedies that help with every day health needs such as shampoo, bug spray, etc. and for common ailments such as the flu, a cold, a cut etc. It is the first place I go to for any health need or ailment. I hope it will become the same for you.

Home made and hand crafted - slow herbal remedies, slow body care. Tried and true remedies from personal research. Everything I make , I infuse with love and intention. This creates a potent healing energy for your health requirements. I use living plants to create remedies in contrast to the use of synthetic toxic substances. I always strive to use local organic plants whenever possible. Powerful not harmful.

How does Auntie Karen’s Medicine Chest start?

I start to create things because I tire of reading about all the toxic substances in products on the market. What I create has no negative side effects like the synthetic stuff does. Aahhhhh! The lost art of Living plant medicine found again….. My body rejoices! The herbs, oils, and whatever else that goes into Auntie’s remedies or into Auntie’s body care products are safe and healthy.

Where is Auntie Karen’s Medicine Chest?

Auntie plays and creates in Hawai’i which provides great inspiration because of the abundance of lush plant growth. There exists a vibrant community of Hawaiian practitioners (La’ au Lapa’ au) who use native plants to create curatives. Although I realize through the direct Living experience of practicing La’au Lapa’au ( Hawaiian plant medicine) the gifts the Hawaiian plant kingdom has to offer I choose to create remedies that make use of non Hawaiian herbs and plants. The curatives I create come from numerous different plant based systems. On the whole most come from the Western Folk tradition. I love to work with the soil growing many non- indigenous medicinal and edible plants.

Who is Auntie Karen?

Living Being within the name Auntie Karen is diversely passionate about plants and about maintaining good bodily health.

I love to plant and care take herbs vegetables shrubs and trees. Friends who know and like to play in the dirt with me say most Living Beings who are passionate about plants have a narrow range of interest. For example being a plant fanatic about only orchids. In contrast I love them all! I appreciate each plant for it's beauty and it's special attributes. In the last 6 years I plant over 100 various kinds of trees from all over the world some for their beautiful flowers some for their intoxicating smell some for their medicinal qualities and some for their edible qualities.

I say "Our Living Being bodies are our Temples and as Living Human Beings we must treat our bodies with due respect and care - as life long learners of ways to support one's own Living Being existence naturally through the use of plants".

Over the years I follow a healing and spiritual path which leads to delving deeply into a multitude of healing modalities including Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Accupressure, Yoga, energetic healing and the profound meditation arts of Tibetan Buddhism. I practice organic gardening and cooking whilst embracing a wholistic approach to health and also study and practice Feng Shui and geomancy. Love of art and beauty is apparent in the landscapes and architecture that I create.

I have a lifelong commitment to the arts and holds both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Japanese Studies and International Finance. Extremely fluent in the Japanese language I previously live and work in New York, London, and Tokyo in the position of Securities Analyst and Money Manager for 12 years.

I previously actively commit to the art of peacemaking through co-founding the Living Arts Institute in alignment with the Season for Non-Violence; an international grassroots initiative sponsoring development of a culture of peace. Kauai activities include creating a public labyrinth walk and grade school curriculum at Kapa'a Elementary School. In Los Angeles, activities include sponsoring a series of similar events and teachings for Elementary and High school students.

I live in Hawai'i , love to dance hula and play ukulele and am the mother of 3 young adults - twin boys and a daughter. I live with a cool cat named Ginger who is a rescue kitty. She decides to become domesticated and is now Queen of her castle, my home.

I offer in the true spirit of Aloha Beauty and Peace remedies and body care items for other Living Human Beings to use so that these Living Human Beings may experience and explore for themselves the inherent healing qualities in the remedies.

Share your experience with Auntie Karen's

I love hearing feedback and personal experience with my Medicine Chest. I put a lot of mana and aloha into all of my products and send the vision of peace and health with every exchange. Mahalo for supporting AKMC!

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