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A First for Auntie!

It takes months of searching and waiting and now it is finally here. Auntie's very own home grown horseradish. Yeah! ? Without the horseradish there is no Quantum Zing which has powerful anti -bacterial anti- fungal anti- parasitic and anti -viral properties.

The Story Horseradish

Before I can even begin to make the potion I spend numerous hours looking for organic horseradish on the internet. Just when I am about to give up, I finally find an organic grower who will ship to Hawai'i for a reasonable sum of money. So I can at least begin to make the potion.
I realize, however, that relying upon a California grower to ship an herb that is integral to the formula is less than desirable. So I begin to research and inquire as to whether I can grow horseradish here in Hawai'i and if so where can I obtain starts. Making a long story short, again after much research, I finally find a Mainland herbalist grower who has organic starts that ships to Hawai'i and several weeks later I receive my order of 15 starts. In the mean time, I make arrangements with a friend who farms to plant the horseradish keiki (starts) in her soil. The pictures show the results. Happy healthy horseradish plants.
Horseradish...Wow 20 pounds!. After over just a little more than one year's time in the soil the 19 plants ( the grower sends a few extra keiki in case the 15 that I order fail to make it) produce 20 pounds. The pictures you see show the first 10 pounds in medicine as I write. I shake each jar at least once a day for a minimum of 4 weeks to create the end product - Quantum Zing. The other 10 pounds you see in the plastic bag is in the fridge waiting to be processed. The horseradish is so happy in Kauai that it is busily sprouting away trying to grow again!

My friend and I replant 2nd generation keiki immediately after harvesting. I look forward to seeing how many pounds the second generation keiki will create.

Aloha and happy spring gardening!!

Product Update

Aloha One and All,
Summer is definitely here with the heat of the day and all of the mosquitoes out in force. I just finish adding bug repellents to address the mosquito issue - see under General within the Products Section - and am in the process of developing a good non-toxic sunscreen.
Once I make the liquid soap I plan to create, my product line up is almost complele from the point of view of addressing all areas and all seasons. For example - to name a few - from bug spray to shampoo, liquid soap, antibiotic, hair rinse, mouthwash, aftershave, etc. etc. If you take the time to really look closely at the product offerings you will come to understand how inclusive, expansive, and complete the line up is.
The only thing I am missing- and working on- is a good toothpaste or tooth powder that is effective against gum disease and decay and not too abrasive.

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